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7/01/2010 4:15:14 PM
Welcome to Season 12! Click here for important changes!

Welcome to WAPL Season 12!

This Season starts on the 18th January, but remember there's still pre-season WSOP Qualifier events before then!

We've got some more great changes to your league this season, to help benefit our members and make our events even more fun and worth playing in than ever!

Remember, top 5 overall for the Pro Season win cash prizes, starting at $3000 for 1st!

Pro League Re-buys - Everyone wants to win more cash! After consultation with our members and getting some great feedback, we're implementing a trial where all Pro events will be a $30/$20 re-buy structure. In keeping with our committment to bring great quality poker to you, the starting chip stacks and re-buy/add-on amounts will be deeper too! Starting chipstacks will be 3000, with 3000 re-buys and add-ons! We'll be seeking constructive feedback from our members regarding your thoughts on these changes a few weeks into the season.

This will ensure considerably more money to the nightly prize pool, and the option to get back in with a chance to win the tournament should you be unlucky enough to catch a bad beat early on! As usual for re-buy events, all players still in the tournament will have an option to add-on 3000 after the 1st break.

Also, the winner of every Pro Event with a prize pool of $700+ will also win a $200 Championship Event Seat for the next WAPL Championship Event, giving them a shot at massive prizes such as trips to play poker in various international destinations with the WAPL Team!

Grand Final Changes - We are always striving to bring you better events, and more high quality poker! This season, the Grand Final structure will make for an even more competitive, deep stack, slow structure tournament that will remove the time constraints we have faced in the past!

  • Awesome 2 day Grand Final!
  • Massive $50,000-$100,000 Prize Pool! (approx)
  • 2 quality venues
  • 10,000 Deep Stack
  • 30 min blinds day 1
  • 40 min blinds day 2
  • Day 2 special event for all members
  • Cash Tables over 2 days
  • Sit N Goes over 2 days

No one will want to miss out on this Grand Final!

Spread the word and get involved this season!

Locations, Dates & Times

Day 1 - Sat 8th May, South Fremantle Football Club

Free League Registration opens 9am.
Final Free League registrations 10:45am.

Pro League Registration opens 10am.
Final Pro League registrations 11:45am.

Day 2 - Sun 9th May, Elephant & Wheelbarrow

2nd Day Pro League Registration opens 11:30am.
Final Pro League registrations 12:00pm.

$100 Deep Stack Registration opens 11:30am.
Final Deep Stack registrations 12:00pm.

$15-$10 Championship re-buy Registration opens 1:00pm.
Final Championship re-buy registrations 1:30pm.

Grand Final Qualifications - We received some good feedback on our Tiered Qualification system for Grand Final buy-ins. Based on that, we have decided to expand this to cover more of the field, bringing some more fun competitiveness to the rankings! Here's the new Pro League Grand Final Buy-in Tier System.

Games Played




1st to 10th
11th to 50th
51st to 100th
101st to 150th
151st to 200th








There have been some other changes to the qualification structure. The qualification numbers have been lowered to Top 200, and there is now a required minimum 5 Pro games played in the current season in order to qualify for a seat in the Grand Final (even if you are in the Top 200). The 10 Pro Game Reserves list is still in effect, so if you play 10+ Pro tournaments in the season and don't make the top 200, you can still get a seat in the Final.

Finally, if you haven't qualified for a seat in the Grand Final or as a Reserve, you have the option to buy-in directly as a non-qualifier. Non-qualifier seats are valued at $1500.

The Champion of Champions Tournament was a great success last season, so we'll be keeping that for future seasons! Make sure you top your Pro venue ranking this season to win your seat in the Champion of Champions, to play off for a huge prize pool!