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25/06/2011 6:13:21 PM
More reasons to play at Claremont FC on Fridays!

AP&FX has brought some added sponsorship to the Claremont Football Club Friday night events! From next week (Friday 1st July), you're also up for a chance at the following:

AP&FX "Second Chance"

This freeroll sit'n'go event has a single $40cc prize!

The first 8 players out of the regular Claremont events have a seat in the AP&FX Second Chance event.

AP&FX Bar Card Prize Draws

All players at the Claremont Football Club events on a Friday night will have a chance to win one of two randomly drawn $30 Bar Vouchers for use at Claremont Football Club. The first will be drawn at 8:30pm, the second drawn at 9:30pm. You must be in attendance in order to win.

Our sincere thanks goes to AP&FX and WAPL member Stephen King for your support of the League and of Claremont Football Club.

Conditions of entry to Second Chance event:

This Second Chance event is for the first 8 "players" knocked out of the Pro and Free events. Participants must play seriously and be knocked out fairly to be eligible. If there is doubt and the Tournament Director suspects a player is playing in order to get knocked out quickly to play in the Second Chance event, this will not be permitted. Don't ruin the Pro/Free League experience in favour of trying to get into the Second Chance event.

All-in players must expose their cards to show a losing hand at showdown. You may not fold a winning hand to eliminate yourself in order to enter the Second Chance event.

Gaming Function by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for Claremont Football Club