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29/11/2011 5:18:07 PM
New WAPL Structure! More Major Events, More Cash, More Value!

Over nearly 6 years, we've tried many different formats and ideas within WAPL. Some have worked well, others haven't, but we've learned from them all! As we've become more experienced poker players, there is a need for a structure that works better for everyone and shows more value for all current and potential WA Poker League members. We've been hard at work on a brand new structure that's aimed at meeting that need. Here it is, enjoy!

New Major event - Poker for Charity Challenge

Poker for Charity Association's Flagship event! Play against the tournament champions of the WAPL season and play to win cash and the trip of a lifetime to a major international poker event!

This cash event is open to all members, with no qualification requirements.

$4000 Team WAPL Macau Package to winner (If prize pool permits). Top 10% of players win great cash prizes.

$100 buy-in, with a single optional $100 re-buy or top-up. (6000 starting stack/re-buy/top-up) 30 minute blinds levels.

Pro League events with bigger prize pools will see the winner win cash + a $100 Poker for Charity Challenge ticket, to compete in this event for major cash prizes along with the chance to join the WAPL Team to Macau.

The Poker for Charity Challenge will be held 2-4 weeks after each Pro League Grand Final.

Payout example - 80 players, 60 re-buys/top-ups

1st - $2300 cash + $4000 Team WAPL Macau Package

2nd - $1656, 3rd - $1104, 4th - $920, 5th - $828, 6th - $736, 7th - $644, 8th - $552, 9th - $460

Pro League - The best value WAPL Pro events ever!

We want the fun of WAPL poker to be accessible to every poker player, and with that in mind, we've lowered the entry level buy-in for our regular pro events, are giving you more value for your money, and a bigger percentage of your buy-ins paid out in cash on the night. This change starts from Monday 5th December 2011!

$25 buy-in, with single optional $20 re-buy or top-up. (3000 starting stack, 3000 re-buy/top-up)

The Grand Final contribution has been dropped from $10 to $5 per buy-in (no $5 from re-buy/top-up). Top 10% of players win cash under a revised payout structure for a better cash distribution throughout the top 10%. A single $100 Poker for Charity Challenge Ticket is awarded to the winner of an event with a $400+ prize pool, before cash prizes are calculated, giving the winner a seat to this major event and a chance to win awesome cash prizes and their place in Team WAPL Macau.

Season and Grand Final

The WAPL Season will now run for 12-13 weeks, shorter than ever before! Why? We know you want more major events, more competition, and less time to struggle through the ladder rankings! This also ensures that the WAPL Grand Finals, still major cash tournaments and the best value events in WA, spread the cash prizes to more of our member base. This change will be from the start of Season 18.

The Grand Final will still be held 1 week after the end of Season, at the end of week 1 of the new Season, to ensure that all qualifying players are aware of their qualification.

Grand Final is a $200 buy-in Freezeout (10,000 starting stack)

Qualification to the Grand Final is now through 2 means ONLY, you cannot play if you do not meet either of these criteria:

Top 100 Pro League rank, or Top 10 of a Pro League venue at end of Season.

There is no minimum game requirement, and no direct buy-in to the Grand Final for non qualifiers.

Cash prize payouts at the Grand Final are to the top 10% of players, worked out and announced during the event based on the contribution from the season and the Grand Final entries, re-buys and top-ups.

Regular Tournament Structure Changes -

We have moved the break back from the end of 300/600 to the end of 200/400. All re-buys for Pro and Free League must be done before leaving for break, and top-ups will be completed when returning to your seat from break.

Break will now run for 20 minutes only, starting from the time players complete their chip counts and leave their seats.

At 100/200 blinds, one player at each table will be required to 'buy' all available stacks of 4 green (25) chips off all other players at the table, to enable WAPL staff to quickly chip up the green chips from each table.

Cash Table Changes -

We want our cash table players able to come in and start playing by registration start, and not have to play in the tournament to guarantee they have a seat on the cash table for the night.

Cash tables will now run a maximum of 11 handed, and when there is 1 more player waiting, will be split to 2 tables of 6. First players to move to the new table is the waiting player and the 11th player to join the main table, then anyone who volunteers to move, non tournament players, free league players, and finally if we haven't reached the 6 needed, a low card deal by the dealer will select any other players needed to move. This ensures that we can cater for all players wanting to play cash table, in a fair manner.

Let your cash table playing friends know they can now play cash without needing to play tournament, with no fear of missing out!

What's been removed through these changes, and what about my CC?

Your remaining CC (Championship Currency) can still be used to buy-in to the new Poker for Charity Challenge and the Pro League Grand Final. Check your CC total with your TD at your next WAPL event. We will be emailing all members with CC outstanding to notify them of this, too.

Macau Championship Event had no cash component - gone!

CC was pointless to players who didn't want to go to Macau - gone!

Steps Sit'n'Goes had no cash component - gone!

Overall Top 3 Season Rank payouts were too big a percentage of the Season Grand Final Contribution, which wasn't available to members who can't play all the time - reduced!

Long breaks with no idea when they're going to end - gone!

Super long season which has a Grand Final that's so far away no one even thinks about it - gone!

Poker for Charity Challenge Sit'n'Goes -

Haven't won your $100 Poker for Charity Challenge Ticket at a Pro event, but really want to make it there? Want to win cash too, or just the ticket? Here's your two options for Poker for Charity Challenge Ticket Sit'n'Goes:

$40 buy-in, 8 players (3000 starting stack, 15 minute blinds)

1st place - $100 cash plus $100 Poker for Charity Challenge Ticket

2nd place - $80 cash

$20 buy-in, 8 players (1500 starting stack, 12 minute blinds)

1st place - $100 Poker for Charity Challenge Ticket

2nd place - $20 cash