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15/01/2013 5:43:30 PM
Macau Poker Cup 2013 - Day 1

Team WAPL Macau started our campaign at MPC in the $2000 Deepstack on our first day, and it was a promising start for WAPL!

With a total of 199 runners, top 22 being paid, and over $80,000 to 1st place, it was a good first event for us to jump into.

Frank copped the bad luck early on, with his Aces running in to Kings which had hit a set. We saw Frank hit the rail 40 minutes into the tournament after this unfortunate hand went down.

During this time, Jill, Bede and Adrian had managed to build their 10k starting stacks up to ~15-25k. Jason was struggling a little at under starting stack after having Kings beaten by a turned straight.

Bede had Quads and more help him to a healthy lead, when Jill got unlucky against one of the Japanese girls, Jill's A9 book beaten by a higher AK book.

Well into the tournament, our team was still going strong! Less than 50 players remained...

When Jill then got her pocket 10s in against AK, unfortunately getting busted in about 45th!

Both Bede and Adrian were still doing well, Adrian having hit a couple of sets and building a lot of table respect.

At this point, things were looking dire for Jason. 6500 in chips left, with 2000 of that in the big blind, and having not had 2 cards over 9 in 2.5 hours, two players before him both shove all-in, and he looks down at A6 offsuit. Reluctantly, and knowing he must be behind, in go the chips, and of course he grimaces when one opponent shows 10s, and the other, A8 suited!

When the 8 comes on the flop, it's basically all over. Jason gets up, jokes about needing runner runner straight, and starts to walk. When a 7 of clubs comes, it adds a slimmer of hope. "Great, now I just need a 5, and not one of clubs". As he's walking to congratulate the other players, out comes a 5 to make his runner runner straight. A bit of a laugh, and "Well, guess that was my 'one time!'", and he's back in the race, with 20,000!

Bede busted a little after this after having his A8 hit trip 6s caught by a blind and checked to his all-in bet. He finished in about 35th position, a solid start!

Jason's table was broken shortly after, with him being moved to Adrian's table, where the blinds were really starting to hurt, and Adrian's stack was looking a little sick. Jason got Aces UTG and doubled up again vs AJ, getting to over 40k.

Adrian and another player then pushed all in, with Jason having to go all in also with Kings. Adrian's Ace 6, and the other player's Ace King were all but drawing dead once a King hit the flop and one of the other players announced he'd folded an Ace. Another big hand for Jason, leading him to 89,000 in chips, but unfortunately knocking Adrian out in the process. Adrian finished in about 25-30th.

Another table break, and with 6000/12000 blinds, and we were on the race to the money. Jason got through the blinds, down to 68,000, when the bubble burst and we hit the cash, and then end of play!

Day 2 of the Deepstack starts 4pm Tuesday, along with some Main event qualifiers.

Now it's a matter of getting as deep as possible. With a little under average stack, but a good position and a great deal of table image, who knows what could happen?

We'll keep you posted, and don't forget to keep refreshing our Facebook page for new updates from on and around the tables!!!