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8/06/2018 10:39:36 PM
Gold Rush Day 1 - Final Table reached!

Gold Rush Day 1 finished close to the end of the event, with us reaching our final table of 10 and breaking for the day.

We have some very well known, well respected, and skilled poker players on Final Table, and are really looking forward to seeing what Day 2 brings!

Congratulations to our Final Table Contestants, who return on Tuesday night to battle it out for the Top 3 spots!
The blinds will be wound back to the start of the 1000/2000 round for the start of play.

Richard Balkau - 131,300
Peter Brasile - 93,500
Ben Rickards - 73,500
Greg Wilder - 40,500
Dale Marsland - 40,200
Daniel Murphy - 36,500
Ashley Warner - 34,400
Brenton Siviour - 18,600
Donald Pritchard - 16,200
Mile Krstanoski - 15,400

Of special note are the 3 players who were also Gold Rush #1 Final Table Contestants, Brenton Siviour (5th), Dale Marsland (3rd), and of course Daniel Murphy, the winner of our inaugural Gold Rush!

Other prominent Perth poker players Mile Krstanoski (3rd - Aussie Millions '12) and Peter Brasile (1st - Western Classic '15, 2nd - Sapphire '17) also made the top 10!

Good Luck for Day 2.
Watch all the action live from 7pm @ Joondalup Sports Association, or online on the WAPL Live Table @ http://twitch.tv/wapokerleague !

Last but definitely not least, thanks to our great staff for their hard work towards running such a professional event, and to Paul Ward for his amazing commentary, helping keep our Online viewers entertained and informed!

Your WAPL Team