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8/08/2019 8:19:05 PM
Western Australian Poker League - More Value, Every Event!

At WAPL, you get more back to your nightly cash prize than anywhere else.

From your standard $50 buy-in, $42 goes back to the prize on the night, so, for the number of players, you win considerably more when you cash in our events!

We fear that most players don't take this into account when looking at where to play, though we've noticed that this is starting to change!

We'd like like to urge you to get informed, for your own good. Check how much money comes out of your buy-in at every event you play at. Every operator is legally required to put the buy-in breakdown for each tournament at the registration desk, so ask to see if it if isn't present...

Once you know how much money goes to the actual prize pool you're playing for, you can make a knowledgeable decision as to where the most value is for you to play.

For example, let's take a 20 player event. Compare $35 to our $42 to the prize from each player, and the difference is stark.

$35 to prize with 20 players = $700 prize pool, $315 1st, $210 2nd, $175 3rd

$42 to prize with 20 players = $840 prize pool, $378 1st, $252 2nd, $210 3rd

With more players, the difference in payouts just increases...

Value is an important part of poker, especially when you play tournament poker regularly, and this is definitely worth considering!

See you soon :)