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1/10/2019 5:50:23 AM
K.I.D.S. Donated $6925 to Perth Children's Hospital Foundation!

K.I.D.S Donates $6925 to
Perth Children's Hospital 
from The Whale & Ale events! 

We caught up with K.I.D.S. Charity Chairman Paul Lord recently, to donate
the profits raise at our poker events at the Whale and Ale in Clarkson.

The worthy recipients of this great, $6925 donation was Perth Children's
Hospital Foundation, with the funds being spent directly on making sick
childrens' lives better at times when they are needing to attend the hospital.

We were given a tour of the hospital, and were amazed at how friendly,
colourful and not foreboding the hospital is. We can see how it would be a lot
less frightening for children who need to go there, compared to other hospitals.

A note from Sarah, Community Fundraising Manager at PCHF -

"We are excited to direct the funds towards an area that will be most impactful. The funds have been received and we look forward to sharing this with you and Paul. Many thanks again for your wonderful support."

Thanks to all our players who have helped us raise this great amount for Perth Children's Hospital Foundation