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4/01/2014 6:44:30 AM
A new year, a new WAPL Season, starting 7th January!

Welcome to 2014! We trust you had a great Christmas and New Year period. This week signifies the start of WAPL Season 25, on Tuesday 7th January at the Beaumaris Sports Association.

We've been taking some great suggestions from our players and are making some changes to this season's structure, especially based around the Grand Final and desire for players to participate in it, bearing in mind players who only play a single event per week and want to strive to win their individual venue ladder.

The changes for Season 25 are as follows -

Back to a 6 month season, to get back to a bigger grand final prize pool.

$30 buy-in, $20 re-buy. The extra $5 buy-in now goes direct to the grand final prize pool, but all players at the Grand Final have their buy-in reduced by the number of Pro games they played during the season x $5 (up to their entire $200 grand final buy-in!) This enables you to not only play your fun regular weekly events, but to look forward to a great prize pool grand final with a discounted, or even free, entry! This change will hopefully achieve what we all want to see, and that is a bigger Grand Final with more players and a bigger prize pool.

There will be no more Tournament of Champions for top of venue players, instead the winner of each venue will win a $200 cash payout for their great efforts at becoming the champion of their venue!

In view of the top ranked ladder players getting a large discount off their grand final buy-in due to the number of games they will have played, we will also replace the $200 buy-in from the top 5 players, with a cash payout of $500, $300, and $200 for the top 3 season ladder results.

We are considering adding some regular (monthly) structure changes to some of the regular events, which we will be discussing with the member base at events come the start of the season.

We will continue to listen to your feedback and discuss new ideas with a mind to further improving our structure in a direction our members would like to see it head.

Thanks for all your suggestions and support through 2013, here's to a great 2014, all the best to you all!

Your WAPL Team