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2/07/2018 1:10:37 AM
This Week @ WAPL - 2-8 July 2018

Join us at a WAPL Venue this week, for the best value for your money, and lots of fun!

Wednesday sees the return of our $30 | $30 | $30 Re-buy, which went really well 2 weeks ago! With even small player numbers (just 14 to the first one!), at a $30 buy-in, we paid out just under $500 to first place, and over $300 to second!

Come on down, invite your friends, and enjoy this $30 buy-in special event!
Re-buys and Add-ons are optional. In keeping the event fair for everyone, you may only Re-buy if you bust before the break, and can only Add-on at the break for any Re-buys you did not use. 2 max Re-buys / Add-ons.

Want to qualify for the next Gold Rush?
Do it this Thursday @ Scarborough Sportsmens Club!
$140 to win a $700 Gold Rush Main Event Seat (1 in 6 wins!)

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