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6/01/2022 - WAPL Poker resumes this week @ Scarborough Sports & Community Club -

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Wishing you all the very best for 2022!

We're delighted to inform you that we're restarting poker THIS SUNDAY 9th January @ Scarborough Sports & Community Club!

Please ensure that if you join us at any events, you are not unwell. Masks and/or Proof of Vaccination may be required at events, we expect to find out more on Friday, hopefully.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday if you can make it! :)

Your WAPL Team

24/12/2021 - Congratulations to our S46 champion, Mitchell Benson! -

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Our Pro League Grand Final Champion for Season 46 is Mitchell Benson!

Good numbers this Grand Final, played over 8 hours with 30 minute blinds, and a fun day was had by everyone!

Congratulations to our Top 3 prize winners -

1 - Mitchell Benson
2 - Ben Rickards
3 - Cameron Hall

The 8 hour structure always makes for a good Grand Final, and the excitement builds with the bigger buy-in and prize pool!

Thank you again for your support during Season 45, and we look forward to starting Season 47 on Sunday 9th January 2022, with the Grand Final on Sunday 10th April!

8/08/2019 - Western Australian Poker League - More Value, Every Event! -

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At WAPL, you get more back to your nightly cash prize than anywhere else.

From your standard $50 buy-in, $42 goes back to the prize on the night, so, for the number of players, you win considerably more when you cash in our events!

We fear that most players don't take this into account when looking at where to play, though we've noticed that this is starting to change!

We'd like like to urge you to get informed, for your own good. Check how much money comes out of your buy-in at every event you play at. Every operator is legally required to put the buy-in breakdown for each tournament at the registration desk, so ask to see if it if isn't present...

Once you know how much money goes to the actual prize pool you're playing for, you can make a knowledgeable decision as to where the most value is for you to play.

For example, let's take a 20 player event. Compare $35 to our $42 to the prize from each player, and the difference is stark.

$35 to prize with 20 players = $700 prize pool, $315 1st, $210 2nd, $175 3rd

$42 to prize with 20 players = $840 prize pool, $378 1st, $252 2nd, $210 3rd

With more players, the difference in payouts just increases...

Value is an important part of poker, especially when you play tournament poker regularly, and this is definitely worth considering!

See you soon :)

22/10/2018 - WAPL This Week -

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25/08/2017 - The Gold Rush - Main Event Info & Flip Rush Qualifiers! -

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Gold Rush Main Event Series!

Day 1 - Thursday 7th June, Scarborough Sportsmen's Club

6:00pm registration, 6:45pm seating, 7pm latest start!

Day 2 - Tuesday 12th June, Joondalup Sports Association

6:45pm seating, 7pm latest start!

Welcome to the Gold Rush - Here's all the information you need to make your fame and fortune!

The Gold Rush is a regularly run, dealer dealt Main Event, hosted over 2 days, with a tournament structure which ensures a result that is not rushed, allowing for great poker to be played right to the last hand!

You can buy-in directly, or qualify for your $700 Gold Rush seat for as little as $5 via our Flip Rush, which are available at our regular events! These are 4 player, all-in pre-flop "Flips" where the winner gets through!

There are 4 Flip Rush levels, $5, $15, $50, and $185, all are 4 handed, so you have a 1 in 4 chance at each! 4 flip wins, and you're in to the Gold Rush to play for the $10,000 first place (at our 32 player cap)

Flip Rush

$5 | $15 | $50 | $185 Flips

4 players only! 1 winner!

All-in pre-flop flip!


$5 flip wins a $15 Flip Rush

$15 flip wins a $50 Flip Rush

$50 flip wins a $185 Flip Rush

$185 flip wins a $700 Gold Rush Seat!

The Gold Rush

$700 buy-in

25,000 starting stack

40 minute blind levels

Prize Pool - $20,000 (Based on 32 max players)

1st - $10,000

2nd - $5,000

3rd - $3,000

4th - $2,000

The Super Gold Rush (Occasional Event)

$700 buy-in

25,000 starting stack

30 minute blind levels

Prize Pool - $45,000 (Based on 72 max players)

1st - $20,000

2nd - $7,500

3rd - $5,000

4th - $3,500

5th - $3,000

6th - $2,500

7th - $2,000

8th - $1,500

We are really looking forward to rolling this exciting new structure out to our existing and new venues and events, and hope that you enjoy taking part in it as much as we think you will! Please spread the word and help us make this a huge success!

Additional Important Information -

Flip Rush "flips" are individual satellite tournaments which are played all-in pre-flop by 4 players. If the hand is split, the players who split play another hand all-in pre-flop, until a winner is determined.

Each event you play, your prize winnings (Gold Rush $) will be recorded against your name and held securely. You can contribute to this running record via multiple Flip Rush wins, or top up with cash in order to build up a Gold Rush entrance amount of $700. For example, you may win 2x $50 flips, ($370 total for 2x $185 Flip Rush entries), then elect to use that value from your records, plus $330 cash, to play in the Gold Rush.

For players who love our Gold Rush structure, and build up Gold Rush Seats faster than we can run the events, players with 2+ Gold Rush Seats recorded ($1400+ value) may also use an extra Gold Rush Seat to buy direct in to our WAPL Live Table for $700, for the ultimate Cash Game experience, streamed online to the world!

Gold Rush Main Events (Not the Super Gold Rush Events) will be scheduled regularly, and the frequency with which we schedule to run them will vary with the speed at which Gold Rush Seats are won. We anticipate to announce an upcoming date for the following month once we have had 16 Gold Rush Seat winners, which gives us a $10,000 prize pool, and a month for the next 16 Seats to be won (or filled up by direct $700 buy-ins!)

Gold Rush Events and Super Gold Rush Events are run over 2 days. We may adjust what venues Day 1 and Day 2 are played on once we have tested and seen what works well for us and our players. We also plan to move the regular Gold Rush Events between our venues to allow the majority of players to attend different Gold Rush Events from different locations. (ie. not always North based venues for Gold Rush events, we will bring them Central and South too periodically.)

Super Gold Rush Events will be scheduled occasionally as demand builds at this stage, and these venues and dates will be advised well in advance.

In accordance with WAPL's strict adherence to RGL requirements, all funds collected and held for players as part of the Gold Rush Events will be held securely and by agreement between the Permit Holding Not for Profit/Charities and will be reconciled frequently by your WAPL Team and the Permit Holding Organisations. You can be informed of the current balance of your Gold Rush funds in person at our events or via another identifiable medium (WAPL Facebook Page Private Message, via an email address we have registered with your WAPL Membership sent to info@wapokerleague.com.au , etc.)

Gold Rush funds are non-refundable and non-transferable except in extenuating circumstances (if the player is permanently leaving the state/country, banned from the league, etc, they may request in writing to have their balance transferred to another player)

Upon such a time that we may decide to cease the Gold Rush Series of events, any outstanding moneys held by the Permit Holding Organisations will be returned to their confirmed winners.

All Gaming Functions by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for various not for profit organisations.

We promote and conduct responsible gaming. If you feel you may have a problem gaming issue, we encourage you to call the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 and also see www.gamblinghelpline.org.au

10/07/2017 - Introducing the WAPL Live Table - Watch us play! -

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We have been running the WAPL Live Table since April 2017, recording and releasing footage (if you've missed it) to our YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/wapokerleague) and Facebook (http://facebook.com/wapokerleague)

Now we've expanded to live streaming the action from the table, with a 15 minute delay!

From May, we will (unless we experience issues) be streaming our WAPL Live Table games to our Twitch.tv channel, http://twitch.tv/wapokerleague

Make sure you head there and follow us, so you get notified when we go live!

Our live games are delayed by 15 minutes, to avoid the potential for viewers to influence hands in play, so that means that for a 6pm-midnight event, you should be able to watch us live from 6:15pm until the end of gaming.

Please get involved, hop into the live chat and give us your comments, suggestions, and any criticisms you might have for us to make the WAPL Live Table experience the best it can be for our viewers, members, and players, and help us spread the word around the local (and wider) poker communities.

If you want a seat on the WAPL Live Table, email us (info@wapokerleague.com.au) and we will find you a spot, but please be patient as seating is in high demand!

WAPL Events are conducted at Gaming Functions by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for various charity and not for profit organisations.

We promote and conduct responsible gaming. If you feel you may have a problem gaming issue, we encourage you to call the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 and also see http://www.gamblinghelpline.org.au

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Western Australian Poker League promotes and conducts responsible gaming. If you feel you may have a problem gaming issue, we encourage you to call the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 and also see www.gamblinghelpline.org.au