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9/04/2024 - Welcome Season 54! S53 GF This Sunday! -

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Information for WAPL Members - 
Thanks for your support during Season 53!

Our first game for Season 54 is this Tuesday 9th April @ Yanchep Sports and Social Club.

It's Finals Time!

We have the Season 53 Grand Final coming up on Sunday 14th April at Scarborough Sports and Community Club!

Registration opens @ 12pm midday, with seating @ 1pm. The buy-in is $100 and is open to all members. It is strictly limited to 5 tables and first in first served for seats. Be sure to get in as soon after 12pm as you can to ensure you get your spot!

More info regarding the Grand Final can be found at -


Season 54 starts April 9th, 2024!

Season 54 starts on Tuesday April 9th at Yanchep Sports and Social Club.

Best of luck for Season 54, and the Season 53 Grand Final this Sunday!

Your WAPL Team

Grand Final for Season 53, Gaming function by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for Scarborough Bowling Club

9/01/2024 - WELCOME BACK TO WAPL SEASON 53, 2024! -

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We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years break, and best of luck for 2024.

We're back with great poker from this Sunday -

SUNDAY 14th January @ Scarborough Sports & Community Club

MONDAY 15th January @ Monkey Bar Mandurah

TUESDAY 16th January @ Yanchep Sports & Social Club

WEDNESDAY 17th January @ South Perth Bowling Club

The Season 53 Grand Final date is 14th April, 2024, lock it in!

Thanks again for your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

(Gaming Functions by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act)

8/08/2019 - Western Australian Poker League - More Value, Every Event! -

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At WAPL, you get more back to your nightly cash prize than anywhere else.

From your standard $50 buy-in, $42 goes back to the prize on the night, so, for the number of players, you win considerably more when you cash in our events!

We fear that most players don't take this into account when looking at where to play, though we've noticed that this is starting to change!

We'd like like to urge you to get informed, for your own good. Check how much money comes out of your buy-in at every event you play at. Every operator is legally required to put the buy-in breakdown for each tournament at the registration desk, so ask to see if it if isn't present...

Once you know how much money goes to the actual prize pool you're playing for, you can make a knowledgeable decision as to where the most value is for you to play.

For example, let's take a 20 player event. Compare $35 to our $42 to the prize from each player, and the difference is stark.

$35 to prize with 20 players = $700 prize pool, $315 1st, $210 2nd, $175 3rd

$42 to prize with 20 players = $840 prize pool, $378 1st, $252 2nd, $210 3rd

With more players, the difference in payouts just increases...

Value is an important part of poker, especially when you play tournament poker regularly, and this is definitely worth considering!

See you soon :)

22/10/2018 - WAPL This Week -

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10/07/2017 - Introducing the WAPL Live Table - Watch us play! -

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We have been running the WAPL Live Table since April 2017, recording and releasing footage (if you've missed it) to our YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/wapokerleague) and Facebook (http://facebook.com/wapokerleague)

Now we've expanded to live streaming the action from the table, with a 15 minute delay!

From May, we will (unless we experience issues) be streaming our WAPL Live Table games to our Twitch.tv channel, http://twitch.tv/wapokerleague

Make sure you head there and follow us, so you get notified when we go live!

Our live games are delayed by 15 minutes, to avoid the potential for viewers to influence hands in play, so that means that for a 6pm-midnight event, you should be able to watch us live from 6:15pm until the end of gaming.

Please get involved, hop into the live chat and give us your comments, suggestions, and any criticisms you might have for us to make the WAPL Live Table experience the best it can be for our viewers, members, and players, and help us spread the word around the local (and wider) poker communities.

If you want a seat on the WAPL Live Table, email us (info@wapokerleague.com.au) and we will find you a spot, but please be patient as seating is in high demand!

WAPL Events are conducted at Gaming Functions by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for various charity and not for profit organisations.

We promote and conduct responsible gaming. If you feel you may have a problem gaming issue, we encourage you to call the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 and also see http://www.gamblinghelpline.org.au

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Western Australian Poker League promotes and conducts responsible gaming. If you feel you may have a problem gaming issue, we encourage you to call the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 and also see www.gamblinghelpline.org.au